5 January 2015

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As we turn the page from 2014 to 2015, it is a time for reflecting on our achievements and goals. We at Charloft hope we can help you achieve some of those goals! Tell us:

What writing did you get done in 2014? Did you reach any writing related goals you set for yourself?

What are your writing related goals for the coming year?
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He'd expected this. Lying in bed with Jason, the new year having been rung in hours before with dear friends, Will's mind is turning to his ex-husband. When they'd gotten married, he hadn't been able to imagine a future without him. But things had changed. His ex had packed his things, left a note, and taken off to pursue his own selfish needs.

Will's anger is fleeting. Gazing at his sleeping husband, Will knows Orlando's abandonment was a blessing. If not for his ex leaving, he wouldn't have been free to love the men who mean the world to him.

Will Porter
Original Character
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What are your writing related goals for the coming year?

My big goal with Karen is to finally move her forward. I've had her for a while now and done a lot of exploration about what it meant for her to move on after the death of her husband, how she coped (or didn't cope) with loss, and the dichotomy of being a single parent in a job that's not really stable. Those are all ideas that interest me, but at the same time, the character still has to grow.

I'm hopeful that now is the right time to let her start to build that second chapter. She's playing with some amazing people that I get excited about RPing with - characters she has chemistry with and who offer things that can make her better. I really love what she's doing with Jack, not only because they're fun to play but because his job means he can offer a real perspective on who she is and what makes her tick that I don't think she's had before.

And characters like Neal continue to push her out of her neatly defined box - which is exactly the point of Karen's character. At her core, she's somebody who had everything perfectly set up and has to adapt when it all falls apart.

So I'd like to make some bold decisions to push her forward. Whether it's her being in a long-term romantic relationship or coming up with something different professional or even just experimenting in memes. But I'd love to see what the new Karen Donahue looks like.

Karen Donahue | OC


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