9 February 2015

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1. coffee maker
2. smell of a fresh pot brewing
3. stainless steel double oven
4. butcher block island
5. over-sized fridge
6. soapstone countertops
7. view to the back yard and pool
8. favorite playlist on Echo
9. Viking professional range
10. smell of cinnamon rolls baking
11. Kitchen Aid
12. Jason giggling because I'm surprising him with cinnamon rolls
13. perfect cup of coffee
14. "number one husband" mug
15. coffee-flavored kisses
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Sorry for the prompt-lag - things are absolutely crazy in Cushing-land right now with our business taking off. Time to breathe needed!

Friday List -
You are sitting in your favorite place--- what surrounds you? Make a list using all five senses.

Saturday Quote-
Respond in some manner to this quote:
“What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
― Henry David Thoreau, Familiar Letters

Sunday RP
Let's dance! Put on some music, grab a partner, and boogie (or waltz, slow dance, breakdance...) . Tag with RP , 'cause it takes two to tango.

Munday Monday
What things are standing in the way of your writing time right now? Make and share a plan for creating more time to write!


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