16 February 2015

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one night stand


"What're you thinking?"

Will smiles at his new husband. "Just remembering how smitten I was when we met."

Evan chuckles and wraps his arms around him. "I remember that. I felt the same way."

"I'm not sure you did," Will says, nuzzling his neck. "I literally fell in love with you the second you smiled at me."

"And why don't you think I felt the same way?"

"Because you put all those restrictions on me."

"I did?"

"Yeah, don't you remember your ground rules?"

Evan thinks for a minute, then laughs. "Jeez, yeah, I do." He clears his throat, then begins to recite them with a affected tone. "Number one, no one night stands. Number two, no kiss until the third date. Number three, no sex until we really know one another."

Will giggles and rests his head on Evan's shoulder. "Those are them. You said you didn't want to have some sleazy affair with me. You wanted a real relationship because you couldn't imagine having anything else with me. You were so romantic."



"Well, now that we're officially married, I guess I can come clean," Evan says, rubbing his hands over Will's back.

Will draws back to look at him. "Come clean about what?"

"When I met you, I wanted to drag you off to the closest hotel and screw you sideways."

"You did?" Will asks, eyes wide.

"Uh huh. You were so sweet and gorgeous, and those eyes and that mouth... God, I was so tempted to break all my rules just to get a taste."

"So why didn't you?"

"Because, as attracted as I was to you physically, I also knew there was something else there that deserved more than a roll in the hay."

"So you decided to pose as a gentleman to make me fall in love with you before we got freaky?"

Evan laughs. "I'd like to think that I actually am a gentleman, but, yeah, something like that."

Will gives Evan a quick kiss, then pushes him onto his back so he can straddle his hips. "Well, in that case, I would like to thank you, Mr. Porter-Whitlock. Falling in love with you without the pressure of trying to see how fast I could get into your pants made me feel a closer connection to you than anyone I've ever been with."

Gripping Will's thighs, Evan smiles up at him. "So, my evil plan to make you need me more than everyone else in your life worked?"

"Yeah, I guess it did." Will leans down to kiss him. "Thank you," he whispers.

"For what?"

"Loving me."

Evan smiles and returns Will's kiss. "And you know I'm never gonna stop."

"I know."

Will sighs softly when his husband slides his arms around him and holds him close. This is love.


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