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Tell us about two times you've fallen off the wagon (literally, or figuratively).
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one night stand


"What're you thinking?"

Will smiles at his new husband. "Just remembering how smitten I was when we met."

Evan chuckles and wraps his arms around him. "I remember that. I felt the same way."

"I'm not sure you did," Will says, nuzzling his neck. "I literally fell in love with you the second you smiled at me."

"And why don't you think I felt the same way?"

"Because you put all those restrictions on me."

"I did?"

"Yeah, don't you remember your ground rules?"

Evan thinks for a minute, then laughs. "Jeez, yeah, I do." He clears his throat, then begins to recite them with a affected tone. "Number one, no one night stands. Number two, no kiss until the third date. Number three, no sex until we really know one another."

Will giggles and rests his head on Evan's shoulder. "Those are them. You said you didn't want to have some sleazy affair with me. You wanted a real relationship because you couldn't imagine having anything else with me. You were so romantic."



"Well, now that we're officially married, I guess I can come clean," Evan says, rubbing his hands over Will's back.

Will draws back to look at him. "Come clean about what?"

"When I met you, I wanted to drag you off to the closest hotel and screw you sideways."

"You did?" Will asks, eyes wide.

"Uh huh. You were so sweet and gorgeous, and those eyes and that mouth... God, I was so tempted to break all my rules just to get a taste."

"So why didn't you?"

"Because, as attracted as I was to you physically, I also knew there was something else there that deserved more than a roll in the hay."

"So you decided to pose as a gentleman to make me fall in love with you before we got freaky?"

Evan laughs. "I'd like to think that I actually am a gentleman, but, yeah, something like that."

Will gives Evan a quick kiss, then pushes him onto his back so he can straddle his hips. "Well, in that case, I would like to thank you, Mr. Porter-Whitlock. Falling in love with you without the pressure of trying to see how fast I could get into your pants made me feel a closer connection to you than anyone I've ever been with."

Gripping Will's thighs, Evan smiles up at him. "So, my evil plan to make you need me more than everyone else in your life worked?"

"Yeah, I guess it did." Will leans down to kiss him. "Thank you," he whispers.

"For what?"

"Loving me."

Evan smiles and returns Will's kiss. "And you know I'm never gonna stop."

"I know."

Will sighs softly when his husband slides his arms around him and holds him close. This is love.


| Will Porter
| OC
| 468 words
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Take a shot at http://labarc.com/Cupid/ and when you've finished, show us your entry. The points don't matter (other than for bragging rights :) ) but if you complete this AND a winter bingo, we'll give you an extra entry for Winter Bingo prizes!


(regularly scheduled prompts return Munday)
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Tell us about two important people, activities, or other things that compete for your attention.

I'm an artist, and, as such, I have a tendency to be a bit selfish with my time. When inspiration strikes, I need to act. I need to be in my studio capturing that bolt of creativity and realising my vision. Unfortunately, I can't control when I'll be consumed by this desire to shut myself off from the world to focus on what I love. That can be a bit distressing for the man I love because, in those moments, I love and am passionate about something that isn't him.

Shane has complained numerous times about my work taking me away from him. I've tried to explain that this is my life, this is how I make my living, and if he wishes to continue living in the manner to which I've helped him grow accustomed, he cannot and should not deter me. He called me heartless one day when we were having a particularly vicious fight. Heartless because I spent the day "ignoring" him in favour of finishing a sculpture for my upcoming show. My deadline was imminent, my mind tuned in completely, and the day got away from me. Everything was neglected, my own needs included, but my young love could only see that I wasn't there for him.

The biggest irony in all of this is that Shane is my muse. He is the reason I've been on such a tear lately, but when I try to explain this to him, he accuses me of making excuses. I cannot win. I no longer wish to keep explaining myself. C'est la vie. I know there are other issues making it easy for him to become so angry with me so quickly, and if he chooses to walk away, I won't stop him. As much as I love him, I truly do love my work more. I don't see that changing any time soon.

| Rhys Fairchild
| OC
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List your resolutions, and tell us how likely you are to keep them.

1. No alcoholic drinks
2. Take all my meds and follow doctors' orders
3. Exercise more
4. Try to be the man Mike believes I am

Pretty sure I've got the first three down. That last one... yeah, I dunno.

Muse: Ryan Hardy
Fandom: The Following
Written for [community profile] charloft
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Wednesday - Let it all hang out.
Not literally, we're a family site! But how do you relax when no one else is around? Comfy old t-shirt? Bunny slippers? Feet up on the couch? Show us a picture of your alone-time relaxing habits!

Thursday - Interruption
Then have someone come along and interrupt that moment in 100-words-or-more!
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Are you a two-timer? Can you manage to juggle two relationships at once - or two jobs - or two war fronts - or two favorite shows ever?

Tell us about two important people, activities, or other things that compete for your attention.
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1. coffee maker
2. smell of a fresh pot brewing
3. stainless steel double oven
4. butcher block island
5. over-sized fridge
6. soapstone countertops
7. view to the back yard and pool
8. favorite playlist on Echo
9. Viking professional range
10. smell of cinnamon rolls baking
11. Kitchen Aid
12. Jason giggling because I'm surprising him with cinnamon rolls
13. perfect cup of coffee
14. "number one husband" mug
15. coffee-flavored kisses
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Sorry for the prompt-lag - things are absolutely crazy in Cushing-land right now with our business taking off. Time to breathe needed!

Friday List -
You are sitting in your favorite place--- what surrounds you? Make a list using all five senses.

Saturday Quote-
Respond in some manner to this quote:
“What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
― Henry David Thoreau, Familiar Letters

Sunday RP
Let's dance! Put on some music, grab a partner, and boogie (or waltz, slow dance, breakdance...) . Tag with RP , 'cause it takes two to tango.

Munday Monday
What things are standing in the way of your writing time right now? Make and share a plan for creating more time to write!
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Write 100 words about the last time you felt betrayed by those you trusted, whether it's a faithless spouse or when your parents confessed Santa was a lie.

It was a couple of days ago. I found out my brother and my boyfriend hooked up behind my back. When I started dating Rhys, Will told me that he would never hit on him like he usually does with the guys he meets. Rhys said he would never be attracted to Will or anything. Hell, he told me that he even told Will to his face that he would never be with him. Then Will let it slip that they'd been wanting to get together since Christmas and finally did it.

I need some time to think about this.

| Shane Porter
| OC
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What are two secrets you'd rather keep from the other characters in your world, and what are two people or groups you'd rather keep them from in particular?

My secrets:
1. I'm a vampire
2. My brother. He's also a vampire. And a psychopath.

The people who are closest to me know of the first secret, but I never let strangers know. People can have varying reactions when they find out something of that nature, so I find it best to keep a low profile with those I don't know until they show me whether or not I can trust them. People always want to destroy the things they don't understand.

I don't want my boyfriend to know about Jacob. Growing up, Jacob loved me more than any of our siblings. That love gave him the confidence to show me his true nature, and I witnessed him do things that I knew weren't normal. I never questioned him, though. Perhaps because I was too young to truly understand him. Perhaps I was just afraid. Becoming a vampire has only worsened those tendencies in him, and, while I do still love him and feel a certain obligation to him, I can never let him close to the other people I love for fear of him hurting them. And I can never risk the man I love leaving me because I'm loyal to a monster.

Dante Kingston

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Tell us about two times the weather refused to cooperate.

It's cold and kind of overcast in Los Angeles today. Or at least, I feel like it's cold. Maybe that's because I have my first prenatal doctor's appointment today and I'm pretty sure I'm letting it get the better of me.

But even though I know that, I can't stop feeling that way. It's too easy for me to remember the years that Chris and I tried so hard to conceive - the dozens of negative pregnancy tests, the doctor's appointments, the nights he consoled me that everything would be okay and I had to convince him that I didn't blame him.

Then when I finally got pregnant with Wes, we worried constantly that something would happen. If there's such a thing as helicopter pregnancy we definitely did it.

So here I am, on the way to my doctor's office shivering even though I'm wearing a jacket and the heater is on in the car. It was just supposed to be me taking the afternoon off, but now Clay is coming with me because he's seen me almost want to cry for six hours and he wants to support me. He's going to be the best godfather this baby could ask for.

I just wish the weather wasn't contributing to my terrible mood.

When Wes was born, it was the most perfect day you could ask for. Bright and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Then the day we brought him home from the hospital, fifteen minutes after we got home it started pouring rain. Even going downstairs it just felt damp and cold as hell. We wound up staying in the nursery with him all day.

But when you're holding your newborn in your arms, bad weather is the last thing on your mind.

Karen Donahue | OC
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So you've got plans? Unfortunately, mother nature doesn't care for what you've got going on.

Tell us about two times the weather refused to cooperate.
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It's setting week here at Charloft! Expect lot of prompts to do with setting this week, starting with this survey - answer as many or as few questions as you like.

1. How important a role does setting play in your stories?

2. How specific is your setting? Do you prefer to leave more to the imagination, or describe everything in detail?

3. Which of the five senses is it easiest for you to evoke with place settings? Which is the hardest?

4. How does your character interact with his/her setting?

5. What would change about your character if you changed the setting?

6. How would you classify your setting (Alternate history, Dystopia, Fictional Country, Real Country, Fantasy World, post-apocalyptic world, etc.)? What are some other works of fiction that you admire that use this type of setting?

7. What is the role of time in your setting? Weather? Environmental conditions?

8. What other characters share this setting?
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Winter bingo will run from today February 1st, 2015 to April 1st, 2015. Thank you to everyone who sent in a prompt suggestion - your prompts have been added to the database!

How to Play:
1. Go to http://www.labarc.com/Bingo/ and generate a card. If you're a purist, keep the first card you get. If you don't like your first gen though, you can refresh the page for a new card- we won't tell. :) There are three backgrounds possible, and over 700 prompts that randomly generate into the squares.

2. Select the text under your card and paste it into your character's journal. It will work on either Livejournal or Dreamiwidth. If you are playing along on some other platform, enter it wherever you enter your html. Facebook doesn't do tables, so you're best off making a list of your rows and columns there.

3. Leave a comment to this post telling us you are playing, and linking us to your drabble table. It should be open to public view if you want to win prizes so we can verify bingos.

4. Start writing! You can respond to the prompts with anything from a drabble (100 words-ish) to a short story of any length. Post your stories or links to them as comments to your drabble table post in your journal.

5. You can also post them to Charloft if you like, though this is optional.

How to Win:
Completed card grand prize
To enter, complete your card entirely on or before April 1st.. One lucky winner randomly chosen from all completed card entries will receive a complete course in Writing Children's / YA fiction at http://www.writestorybooksforchildren.com/the-modules/

Bingo prize
To enter, have at least one bingo line on your card. Three lucky winners receive one of these prizes:
a) A book from the Lab Arc half.com store (value up to ten dollars)
b) A set of roleplaying dice from our Etsy store (value eight dollars)
c) A book from our half.com store value up to five dollars)

All prizes donated by Lab Arc, LLC. Void where prohibited, all winners to be drawn at random from those who meet the entry conditions. All physical prizes include free shipping to your geographical area unless you live in Antarctica or on Mars or some such ;). Community moderators and maintainers, while we may be writing along, are ineligible for prizes.

Can I use previously written work?
No, all work must be written within the time period of the bingo event for it to count.

Can I reply to a bingo prompt with a picture instead of writing?
Only written work will count toward your bingo total, but you are welcome to add a picture along with the writing.

How long must a response to the prompt be in order to count?
At least 100 words.

Is there any max length?
No! Go crazy :)

Can I collaborate with my writing partner on a Bingo card?
No, in order to count it must be all your own writing.

Can I pick one card and use it for multiple characters?
Sure! You can fill out each prompt for a different character even if you like. Just as long as you finish your card.

Can I generate cards for each of my characters?
Yes! But you can't combine them for entries (say, you finished half of one card and half of another-- it doesn't add up to one full card sorry :) )

Any other questions, please ask! Happy writing!
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They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So take that step!

You are starting off on a trip (to where? for what purpose?) and need to prepare. Pop into a shop, ask someone for directions, stop for fuel - and see who you meet along the way.

In addition to your regular character tag, tag your post with RP. Comment on each other's posts and lets meet some new friends.
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1. Which prompt days are your favorites?

I like Thursdays and Fridays. I've been really falling behind on answering prompts because I'm getting hung up on trying to do all of them and deciding which muse to have respond. But I do love the drabbles and lists.

2. Are there any that don't work for you?

Sundays, but only because I feel like I end up writing a response to the prompt and don't like leaving things open for the RP aspect.

3. Are you planning on participating in the Winter Bingo event?

Yes! I LOVE the writing challenges. I think on some subconscious level I'm storing up my prompt juice for that.

4. Anything we can change/do to improve Charloft?

I think having just challenges or weekly prompts would be fine. Oh, and let us know if there's something we have to do in order to get tags. The info page says we'll be given one upon first posting but that's not always happening even after weeks of waiting.

5. Which social media services do you subscribe to Charloft on? ( We're on Facebook, twitter, tumblr..)

I don't actually subscribe to Charloft on any of those. I just use Dreamwidth.
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Graphics Wednesday -
Quick! Reach into your purse, bag, knapsack, medical kit, drawer, saddlebag etc - and pull out the first object you lay your hand on. Show us a picture of what it is.

Drabble Thursday
Then write a drabble about the last time you used it.
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Everyone has secrets, and every world has people who want to know those secrets. Whether it's the NSA, the Templars, the King, the Town Elders, the Church, or just your parents, there's always too many secrets for some people's tastes. So for today's Twosday Tuesday, we ask:

What are two secrets you'd rather keep from the other characters in your world, and what are two people or groups you'd rather keep them from in particular?
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1. Which prompt days are your favorites?

2. Are there any that don't work for you?

3. Are you planning on participating in the Winter Bingo event?

4. Anything we can change/do to improve Charloft?

5. Which social media services do you subscribe to Charloft on? ( We're on Facebook, twitter, tumblr..)


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