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Winter bingo will run from today February 1st, 2015 to April 1st, 2015. Thank you to everyone who sent in a prompt suggestion - your prompts have been added to the database!

How to Play:
1. Go to http://www.labarc.com/Bingo/ and generate a card. If you're a purist, keep the first card you get. If you don't like your first gen though, you can refresh the page for a new card- we won't tell. :) There are three backgrounds possible, and over 700 prompts that randomly generate into the squares.

2. Select the text under your card and paste it into your character's journal. It will work on either Livejournal or Dreamiwidth. If you are playing along on some other platform, enter it wherever you enter your html. Facebook doesn't do tables, so you're best off making a list of your rows and columns there.

3. Leave a comment to this post telling us you are playing, and linking us to your drabble table. It should be open to public view if you want to win prizes so we can verify bingos.

4. Start writing! You can respond to the prompts with anything from a drabble (100 words-ish) to a short story of any length. Post your stories or links to them as comments to your drabble table post in your journal.

5. You can also post them to Charloft if you like, though this is optional.

How to Win:
Completed card grand prize
To enter, complete your card entirely on or before April 1st.. One lucky winner randomly chosen from all completed card entries will receive a complete course in Writing Children's / YA fiction at http://www.writestorybooksforchildren.com/the-modules/

Bingo prize
To enter, have at least one bingo line on your card. Three lucky winners receive one of these prizes:
a) A book from the Lab Arc half.com store (value up to ten dollars)
b) A set of roleplaying dice from our Etsy store (value eight dollars)
c) A book from our half.com store value up to five dollars)

All prizes donated by Lab Arc, LLC. Void where prohibited, all winners to be drawn at random from those who meet the entry conditions. All physical prizes include free shipping to your geographical area unless you live in Antarctica or on Mars or some such ;). Community moderators and maintainers, while we may be writing along, are ineligible for prizes.

Can I use previously written work?
No, all work must be written within the time period of the bingo event for it to count.

Can I reply to a bingo prompt with a picture instead of writing?
Only written work will count toward your bingo total, but you are welcome to add a picture along with the writing.

How long must a response to the prompt be in order to count?
At least 100 words.

Is there any max length?
No! Go crazy :)

Can I collaborate with my writing partner on a Bingo card?
No, in order to count it must be all your own writing.

Can I pick one card and use it for multiple characters?
Sure! You can fill out each prompt for a different character even if you like. Just as long as you finish your card.

Can I generate cards for each of my characters?
Yes! But you can't combine them for entries (say, you finished half of one card and half of another-- it doesn't add up to one full card sorry :) )

Any other questions, please ask! Happy writing!
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Welcome to all of you who are visiting for the first time, or coming back to us from before. This is the official 'introduce yourself' post - tell us a bit about yourself, your writing, your roleplaying, your characters, or whatever you'd like. Link us to some of your work, let people know if you're looking for a friend, or just say hi! Just make sure it's here in the comments and not as a separate post.

Got additional questions or comments? Ask away and we'll do our best to answer!


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