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Which canon character would you start writing for?
I would pick Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time because I really hate the direction the show has taken with his character this season.

Which original one would you create?
I would like to create a character someday who has autism or ptsd, to write about issues I myself have and explore them in a character.

Which old character would you revive?
I would revive my rougaru http://deliagone.livejournal.com/ and port her to DW. I feel like I didn't get to finish telling her story before the people I was playing her with buggered off, so hopefully I could work on her again someday.

What's stopping me at the moment - one, I have a hard time playing canon characters. I just feel a lot more comfortable with my own worlds. I worry I would miss some important detail of a world that someone else created. Two, I don't want to make a character that's too self-inserty so I worry about making one with the issues I have. Three, primarily laziness in making a new journal and also not knowing if I could find a place to fit a Lousiana bayou girl in - or if I should just stick to prompts. But I will likely do the revival and move her over eventually. The other two are just speculation.


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