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Happy Spring to those in the hemisphere for such springly goodness! We've just till the end of March left on the Winter Bingo - but there's still time to finish up a line or a card, and be eligible for some great prizes. You can do it!

How much do you plan your larger works? Are you an outliner, a seat-of-your-pantser, or somewhere in between?

Batman and Robin, Mario and Luigi, Mickey and Minnie, Bonnie and Clyde, Your character and his BFF- write about a dynamic duo!

Graphic Wednesday
Show us your shorts! What are you wearing now that the weather is finally turning warmer?

Thursday Drabble
100 words about never again

Friday List
Five things you are just dying to try

Saturday Quote
Respond in some manner to this quote:
A wonderful thing about true laughter is that it just destroys any kind of system of dividing people.
-John Cleese

Sunday RP
Take a ride on the Redding - a railway journey, an airship journey, or whatever your world's newest, fastest, most modern form of transportation may be. What are your thoughts about trying this newfangled conveyance? Who do you meet there? Tag with RP, and comment to each other to find a traveling companion.
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Less than a month till the end of bingo! Congrats to folks who have finished (going for a second line or card? :) ) and there's plenty of time left to those who are still working on it. If you haven't snagged a card yet, check out the rules and grab yours here.

Shameless plug for those of you who may be wondering what the heck is going on with those people anyhow - http://roll4itdice.com/ - we're forming a dice company (a subsidiary of our main Lab Arc LLC). You can find our dice in person at some stores already (like Game Paradise in Indiana :) ), or in our Etsy store. We're working on getting online ordering up and running on the domain. Our first in person appearance will be for Free Comic Day May 2nd at the NJ event run by Farpoint Toys / Level Up Entertainment.

Now on to the prompts!

When was the last time one of your characters surprised you? What did they do?

What two things have you done lately that you are most ashamed of?

Graphic Wednesday
If you had to start a meme in a time or place that didn't have the Internet, how would you do it? Show us a pic!

Thursday Drabble
Visit http://uselessfacts.net/ and select a useless fact to turn into a useful drabble.

Friday List It
Five reasons you're looking forward to spring
And one reason you're going to miss winter

Saturday Quote
Respond in some manner to this quote:
It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.
-Ernie Harwell

RP Sunday
What is this thing and what does it do? Today you find an unfamiliar object, and aren't quite sure what to do with it. Post a description of your object and your struggles! Tag with rp if you'd like to find someone to play along.
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For right now we're going to be putting the prompts up in a once weekly or so - apologies for how busy we've been!

Munday Monday - Challenge!
Take one of your old pieces and do a line edit on it, removing any excessive adverbs, adjectives, and replacing any passive voice with more active language.

Twosday -
Tea for two - but would you rather have coffee? How do you take your tea (or coffee, or other hot beverage?)

Graphic Wednesday -
Show us a picture of something you loved in your formative years.

Thursday Drabble -
Let's get physical - write a drabble about physical fitness or exercise.

Friday List it-
List places that you've been that you never want to go back to.

Saturday Quote -
Respond in some manner to this quote:
People are capable at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of. - Paulo Coelho

Sunday RP-
Setting switch! Take two of your characters and switch their worlds. Put them in each other's places. How do they deal?
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Three for the price of one!

List it Friday:

Give us a list of things you do every morning, and one thing you try to avoid doing.

Quotation Saturday:

Respond in some way to this quotation - "Guns don't kill people. People who say 'Guns don't kill people' kill people. With guns." - from Rob Delaney.

Sunday RP:

You are stuck in a confined space - an elevator, a closet, a hallway with the doors locked, a subway car, a train, an island, a locked mansion - with someone who has wronged you and escaped justice, and whom likely will continue to do so. You have the opportunity to enact your own justice, though not necessarily the guarantee that you'll escape justice yourself if you do. The next few minutes are yours to decide. What do you do?
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Sorry for the prompt-lag - things are absolutely crazy in Cushing-land right now with our business taking off. Time to breathe needed!

Friday List -
You are sitting in your favorite place--- what surrounds you? Make a list using all five senses.

Saturday Quote-
Respond in some manner to this quote:
“What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
― Henry David Thoreau, Familiar Letters

Sunday RP
Let's dance! Put on some music, grab a partner, and boogie (or waltz, slow dance, breakdance...) . Tag with RP , 'cause it takes two to tango.

Munday Monday
What things are standing in the way of your writing time right now? Make and share a plan for creating more time to write!
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They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So take that step!

You are starting off on a trip (to where? for what purpose?) and need to prepare. Pop into a shop, ask someone for directions, stop for fuel - and see who you meet along the way.

In addition to your regular character tag, tag your post with RP. Comment on each other's posts and lets meet some new friends.
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Apologies for the lateness of these- right now our weekends have been eaten by a huge project, so we weren't able to post the prompts on their intended days.

3 problems you have right now
2 things standing in your way
1 hopeful outcome

Respond in some manner to this quote:
"A learning experience is one of those things that say, "You know that thing you just did? Don't do that." - Douglas Adams

You find yourself in the tavern! Or pub, watering hole, cantina - in short,a drinking establishment. Order up! Comment on other folks entries to join them for a drink.
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It's that time again - Roleplay Sunday, where you let your inner voice out to play and hopefully chat based on a roleplaying prompt. This time around, we'd like your inner character(s) to show us how they respond to being stuck in 'the middle of nowhere', whether because of mechanical failure, isolation, being dropped into circumstances beyond your control, or whatever else might contrive to push your character out of their element. How do they handle it? How do they get out of it?
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What are they talking about, 'this is not the time to panic'? This is the -perfect- time to panic! But why? Are aliens coming? Are the zombies breaking down the door? Did they bring back the McRib?

Tell us why you should be panicking. And then panic. Hopefully someone is around to calm you down - or at least back you up.
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A mysterious message arrives, inviting you to write a letter and make a new friend from far away places. How far away are those places? Well there's only one way to find out...

Write a letter to make a new pen pal. No matter how that letter is delivered from your world (email, messenger, owl, post office) , it finds its way to a pen pal - perhaps across space, time, and dimensions!

Be sure to comment with the rp tag in addition to your regular character tag.

Then check out what other people have posted, comment and make yourself a pen pal from far, far away!
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What would you do if you discovered a perfectly ordinary door in an unusual place - inside a bathroom stall, on the ceiling, on the floor, five feet up, upside down, under a staircase, in the back of a large television set, in the middle of a graffiti-painted wall that formerly lacked one?

Think of an unusual place for a door, and roleplay your character's reactions to it. Do they open it? Do they listen at it? Do they head through? Where does it go?


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