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Tell us about two important people, activities, or other things that compete for your attention.

I'm an artist, and, as such, I have a tendency to be a bit selfish with my time. When inspiration strikes, I need to act. I need to be in my studio capturing that bolt of creativity and realising my vision. Unfortunately, I can't control when I'll be consumed by this desire to shut myself off from the world to focus on what I love. That can be a bit distressing for the man I love because, in those moments, I love and am passionate about something that isn't him.

Shane has complained numerous times about my work taking me away from him. I've tried to explain that this is my life, this is how I make my living, and if he wishes to continue living in the manner to which I've helped him grow accustomed, he cannot and should not deter me. He called me heartless one day when we were having a particularly vicious fight. Heartless because I spent the day "ignoring" him in favour of finishing a sculpture for my upcoming show. My deadline was imminent, my mind tuned in completely, and the day got away from me. Everything was neglected, my own needs included, but my young love could only see that I wasn't there for him.

The biggest irony in all of this is that Shane is my muse. He is the reason I've been on such a tear lately, but when I try to explain this to him, he accuses me of making excuses. I cannot win. I no longer wish to keep explaining myself. C'est la vie. I know there are other issues making it easy for him to become so angry with me so quickly, and if he chooses to walk away, I won't stop him. As much as I love him, I truly do love my work more. I don't see that changing any time soon.

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