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Name:Charloft - daily writing prompts
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Community description:writing prompts
Prompts crosspsted daily from

Welcome to the Character Loft - a daily writing prompt community for writers and roleplayers with a focus on character development.

Is a character driving you crazy? Can't get enough activities for your favorite muse? This is the place for you!

Introduce yourself here!


Roleplay Sunday: Prompts for roleplaying your character's responses to unusual circumstances or situations.

Munday Monday: Prompts for you, the mun or storyteller, to think about and answer as yourself.

Twosday Tuesday: Would you rathers, two-choices, and other pair-related activities.

Graphic Wednesday: Questions for your characters relating to a graphic of some sort or another.

Drabble Thursday: Topics for an in-character drabble (a short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title.)

List-It Friday: Top ten lists for your character revolving around a topic.

Quotation Saturday: We give you a quote - famous or otherwise - to provide inspiration for your in-character musings.


As a reminder for those who've been away at camp for a while, anything character-development related goes, whether it's thoughts about character development, chatting between characters, journal entries for your characters, roleplaying posts, pictures and graphics... whatever your fertile minds can come up with. We do ask that for extremely long posts or large graphics, you place these behind a cut, and in order to maintain our relatively PG rating, anything extremely graphic or sexual be posted on your own journals (links to them are fine, but tell people what they're in for before clicking through!)

Please post answers to prompts as a separate post in the community, and tag them with your journal name. If you don't have a tag yet, a mod will create one for you on your first posting.


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