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Tell us why you should be panicking. And then panic.

Karen isn't one to panic. Not after more than 20 years as a cop and almost 10 years as a mother; between those two things she's learned to live under pressure. Things that would make most women panic cause Karen Donahue only a mild state of unrest.

And then there's this afternoon.

It hits her out of the blue, as she's walking through her living room cleaning up a few out of place random things. She's left a message for her boyfriend to see if he wants to get together tonight, their last before her son will be home and her evenings will involve ice cream and bedtime stories. As she waits for him to call, she realizes that she hasn't thought about Chris once today.

For the first time since his passing, she's thinking more about the man she's dating than her late husband.

That's never happened before, and it fills her with a sudden panic as she sits on her couch, inadvertently eyeing the wedding photo still on her living room mantel. She doesn't know what to do with it, the excitement of truly being in love with someone combined with the fear that she might forget the only man she's ever loved before. She's never been able to reconcile it, the deep and singular love she has for her husband and her son versus her honest desire to someday be someone else's wife and the mother of someone else's child.

And it paralyzes her momentarily, until she hears the phone ring in the kitchen and gets up to see who it might be.

Life goes on. It has to. And for the first time, she wants it to.

Karen Donahue | OC
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Dear new pen friend,

Hi! My name is Michael Malone and I'm from Granite City, Colorado, USA on Earth in the year 2155. Though it is almost the New Year here, and then it will be 2156. I had a feeling I should be kinda specific, 'cause I have no idea when and where you will be from. Sometimes I get feelings about things and they turn out to be right. Part of being a psion. I was born this way, not enhanced by technology so that makes me a little rare in my time. A lot of people here get upgrades to their brains and bodies and all, but I'm into the natural thing.

So, I'm a private detective and our agency is called MJ Wolf Investigations. I'm the M of that equation, with the J being Jenny Lee and the Wolf being Alexander Wolf. They're my partners, in all senses of the word. We have an adopted daughter named Rose who is 14 now, and we have a lot of good friends and all who help out in our various investigations. Our latest case took us everywhere from Canada to an artificial island in the Gulf. It was crazy!

Now we are taking some time off for the holidays before getting back to work.

When I'm not working, my hobbies are playing virtual games, reading, exploring interesting places, playing the guitar, and setting things on fire pyrotechnics.

What do you like to do? What is it like where you are?

Please write back soon - looking forward to making a new friend!

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A mysterious message arrives, inviting you to write a letter and make a new friend from far away places. How far away are those places? Well there's only one way to find out...

Write a letter to make a new pen pal. No matter how that letter is delivered from your world (email, messenger, owl, post office) , it finds its way to a pen pal - perhaps across space, time, and dimensions!

Be sure to comment with the rp tag in addition to your regular character tag.

Then check out what other people have posted, comment and make yourself a pen pal from far, far away!


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