9 January 2015

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Every Monday, the writers hand him this week's script. Quen comes up with some of the topics, Albee pitches others. The writers turn their ideas into a cohesive program, week after week.

There's five days in which to learn his lines, amid filming the parts that aren't broadcast live - the stunt scenes. Battling monsters, jumping out of buildings, leaping into getaway cars.

Captain Mystery has a very mysterious and danger-filled life, and documenting that life is part of Quen's weekly routine.

It's getting harder to find time to be Quen. Quen, unlike his alter ego, leads a quiet life. He has dinner with his grandmother, talks quietly with friends, reads a good book.

Now that the town is in danger, and Captain Mystery's exploits have gone from the small screen to real life bad guy fighting - he's got even less time to be himself. Sometimes he wonders if Captain Mystery will swallow the life of Quentin Tasset all together.

And really, would it be a bad thing? The world needs heroes way more than it needs small town men with big town secrets.

Stay Mysterious.
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Make a list of times you've given in, then tell us about one time you stood your ground.
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Make a list of times you've given in, then tell us about one time you stood your ground.

1. In the hospital, the night their son was born. Chris is holding him, watching him sleep, and Karen's halfway there. Which is why it only then dawns on her. "Did I just let you name our son after The Princess Bride?" she asks, and her husband glances at her and laughs, as if he too has just figured out where he got the name from. "I guess you did," he says.

Cut for adult content. )

Karen Donahue | OC
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1. When I was twelve, my friend and I were dancing in the living room and she knocked my mom's favorite vase off an end table. She threw me under the bus when my mom asked us who did it, and instead of speaking up for myself, I took the blame because I didn't want her to stop being my friend. It was dumb.

2. High school. Date. He wouldn't take no for an answer. I never said anything to anyone. Evan and Daddy would have killed him.

3. I'd been standing in line for a while at the bank when this loud, obnoxious man cut right in front of me when it was my turn. A guard stopped him and told me I could go, but I went ahead and let him go when he gave me this angry look. I honestly thought he'd hurt me if I didn't, which is stupid now that I think about it. Anyway.

4. My ex-fiance begged me not to leave him after I caught him cheating on me, I stayed.


When that same ex beat the shit out of me, I made myself find the courage to walk away and never look back. It was the first time I'd ever stood my ground.


Essie Whitlock
Original Character


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