4 February 2015

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What are two secrets you'd rather keep from the other characters in your world, and what are two people or groups you'd rather keep them from in particular?

My secrets:
1. I'm a vampire
2. My brother. He's also a vampire. And a psychopath.

The people who are closest to me know of the first secret, but I never let strangers know. People can have varying reactions when they find out something of that nature, so I find it best to keep a low profile with those I don't know until they show me whether or not I can trust them. People always want to destroy the things they don't understand.

I don't want my boyfriend to know about Jacob. Growing up, Jacob loved me more than any of our siblings. That love gave him the confidence to show me his true nature, and I witnessed him do things that I knew weren't normal. I never questioned him, though. Perhaps because I was too young to truly understand him. Perhaps I was just afraid. Becoming a vampire has only worsened those tendencies in him, and, while I do still love him and feel a certain obligation to him, I can never let him close to the other people I love for fear of him hurting them. And I can never risk the man I love leaving me because I'm loyal to a monster.

Dante Kingston

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