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1. When I was twelve, my friend and I were dancing in the living room and she knocked my mom's favorite vase off an end table. She threw me under the bus when my mom asked us who did it, and instead of speaking up for myself, I took the blame because I didn't want her to stop being my friend. It was dumb.

2. High school. Date. He wouldn't take no for an answer. I never said anything to anyone. Evan and Daddy would have killed him.

3. I'd been standing in line for a while at the bank when this loud, obnoxious man cut right in front of me when it was my turn. A guard stopped him and told me I could go, but I went ahead and let him go when he gave me this angry look. I honestly thought he'd hurt me if I didn't, which is stupid now that I think about it. Anyway.

4. My ex-fiance begged me not to leave him after I caught him cheating on me, I stayed.


When that same ex beat the shit out of me, I made myself find the courage to walk away and never look back. It was the first time I'd ever stood my ground.


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No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else. --Charles Dickens
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